March 2016 News

During the winter months dramatic changes have been made in and around the board walk and pond areas. The digging out of the two new ponds was completed shortly before Christmas, a new fence was constructed around them and a number of trees felled with the resultant logs from the cutting down being left on site to create shelter for the wildlife. The ponds are currently full of water and there is a considerable amount of frog spawn around the edges. Arrangements for planting the area are currently being made.

During visits to the open space in this period we have seen a hedgehog and, on some days, a variety of wild birds including blackbirds, robins, song thrushes, long tailed tits and more recently, a green finch. Unfortunately without the aid of a zoom lens it was not possible to capture some of these sightings – the green finch is just about visible above the wall in the centre of the photo below.

DSCF4052 (800x600)

The new ponds as they look at the beginning of March are shown in the following picture.


Our last view is taken near the cemetery wall looking south towards the Green Chain Walk and board walk giving a general impression of the current state of the open space.DSCF4064 (800x600)