January 1917

The Autumn and Winter of 2016/17 has so far been fairly quiet and uneventful with little unusual activity or rare species noted. Drone flying which took place at one stage during 2016 seems to have been eliminated following consultation with council officers and a polite warning issued to the individuals concerned who did not appreciate that the land was owned by Bexley Council.

The complete drying up of the two new ponds during the Summer was somewhat disappointing and the survey mats put out to ascertain reptile numbers was, in practice, virtually impossible to complete due to the excessively rapid growth conditions caused by the very erratic changes in the weather during the summer. Here are some of the Autumn/Winter photos taken.20141175-800x600

November 2016


November 2016


January 2017 (small pond nearest the boardwalk)


January 2017 (larger pond – still dry)