News July 2017

The amount of volunteer work on the open space has been limited since the completion of the new pond project in 2016. Once again the growth pattern, which is, of course, governed by weather conditions, has been rather similar to last year, except that the recent very hot weather has been quite prolonged, combined with some very heavy rainfall at times during the spring. The height of the shrubs, grassland, and wildflowers in the areas not cut is substantial and two examples of this are shown in the photographs below.

The pond area in the second week of July

The hillside area between the Bourne road and Highbanks close entrances

The open space has generally been kept fairly tidy thanks to the help of the council contractors who have done all the cutting,  strimming and most of the litter picking although a little of this has been carried out by some of the volunteers. The following picture gives an idea of the general state of the site at the moment.

An update on other aspects of progress and developments is given in the lizard project, surveys and the pond project.