Wildflower Seeding and Bulb Planting

Wildflower Seeding and Bulb Planting has been taking place periodically in many areas of the Open Space – particularly the entrances – since 1999.

The first bulb planting that took place consisted of the planting of wild daffodils and crocuses at the Wickham Street entrance (by the Fanny on the Hill Pub) illustrated here:

Bulbs planted near Wickham Street
Bulbs planted near Wickham Street

Subsequently, further crocuses were planted around some of the large trees near the children’s play area and these have flourished each Spring.

In March 1999, woodland bulbs, mainly bluebells and snowdrops, were planted on the Green Chain Walk surrounding the boardwalk area. 700 native perennial plugs (Ox Eye daisies, foxgloves and teasels) were sown at the Bournewood Road embankment, close to that entrance in October 1999.

Unfortunately, only a few of these survived due to accidental damage and the heavy rainfall in the Spring of 2000, which adversely affected growth. Fast-growing grass choked many of them. Attention has been given to this area.

In the last sixteen years much planting has been carried out, some of it very successfully. This photograph taken in the Spring of 2016 shows how effective the wild flower planting has been. Bluebells can be seen in many parts of the board walk and woodland walk which is the main Green Chain path from east to west over the Open Space.